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We are committed to serving our clients with the highest possible assurance through our systematic approach. Our relentless endeavor is to deploy newer methods and approaches to enhance the quality of our audit.

We focus on deciphering comprehensive and pertinent audit findings that not only help streamline but also create a far-reaching impact for our client businesses. We touch upon Internal audit, GST audit, Bank audit, Forensic audit, Statutory and Tax audits.

We have so far completed statutory audits of 25+ companies and tax audits of 100+ companies in the last 6 years.

Internal Audit

Our independent, objective assurance and consulting service aim at adding value and improving our clients’ internal operations through realistic approaches that evaluate the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes currently deployed in their business.

Our scalable risk assessment tactics offer an integrated solution that spans across initiating an internal audit function to auditing risk assessments, devising risk-based assurance plans, detecting Key Risk Indicators (KRI) among others.

Statutory Audit

We undertake a complete and comprehensive review of all your financial records to detect any glitches in terms of accuracy. Our endeavor is to ensure a true representation of our clients’ financial position through our in-depth appraisal of information gathered from sources such as bank balances, bookkeeping records, and financial transactions. Our internal audit reports, verification of financial information, and other documents are in accordance with the specifications of the Government. Our utmost effort is to minimize any possibilities of fraud and create maximum transparency.

Bank Audit

Our bank audit service helps you comply with all the statutory requirement. In addition, we also partner with you in getting a bird’s eye view of not only the complete gamut of procedures and services you offer but also the accuracy of all your records. Our review process encompasses examining records such as financial transactions, bank wires, bank account monetary flow among others to ascertain completeness of all your financial activities.

Foresnic Audit

We undertake evaluation services of a company’s or individual’s financial information which can be produced as evidence in court. Our multifaceted forensic audit consultancy assists our clients charged with litigations that have high stakes by rendering advisories across independent disputes, assistance in investigations, data acquisition, and analysis.

GST Audit

Our GST Audit service helps with the company’s GST ( Goods & Service Tax ) registrations, consultation, and audit under GST laws and filling GST returns.

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Roshan Mansoor & Co

Founded in the year 2012

  • The firm delivers integrated consulting services across Auditing, Financial Services, Company Law Matters, Corporate Restructuring, and Taxes
  • Powered by a strong team of Chartered Accountants who have prior experience with leading firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers, ING Group and Goldman Sachs
  • Adheres to all the standard operational norms and practices as specified by ICAI and other statutory bodies
  • Our ultimate goal is to make a wholesome difference to our client's bottom line
  • We offer a comprehensive array of services for businesses in India and through out associate partners in the USA, Singapore and Hong Kong